Monday, January 10, 2011

Tianna's Traveling Quilt

Maybe you remember my friend Tianna and her quilt. Well, when she was here last and picked it up, she requested a small lap quilt she could take with her on a plane. She is fortunate in that she is single and has a good job so she gets the opportunity to travel more than some of the rest of us...did that sound a little jealous? HeHe. Anywho, she looked through some of my patterns and picked out what she wanted. She left it up to me to pick the fabrics. I thought it appropriate to make it sort of Parisian since she is learning to speak French and had taken her first trip to Paris not long before coming to visit me. The top isn't very big so it didn't take long to make, in fact it took longer to quilt it than to piece it. lol

 Ready to go....

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