Monday, January 10, 2011

Frank and Sandy's Anniversary Quilt

Anyone who knows me knows that I always bite off more than I can chew. I bought this fabric soon after I moved to NC (3 years ago) with the intention of making an anniversary gift for my good buddies Frank and Sandy. I got the pattern for it before I left Vegas. I knew I would be pushing it to get it to them by their anniversary that year (2008) but tried anyway. It was amazing I got ANY sewing done when I first moved here, what with 3 kids and a full time job but I did...By the time the event came around the next year, the top was done and mostly quilted. It was one of the first (maybe even THE first) quilts I finished on my longarm. I was having tension issues on a small portion of it, I didn't even see it until after it was done and bound. I put it in a box with some other quilts that I planned to ship to Vegas. This one didn't get sent because of the problems it had. I un-stitched the yucky parts and re-quilted them. Even though it took 3 years to get it to them, they WILL have it for their next anniversary.

With our Vegas trip less than a week away, I can't wait to hand it to them.

Especially considering that when I left home, it was just the two of them, now they have made an extra person.;) And Dylan got his own quilt over a year ago. LOL


The Piddingtons said...

Theirs is one of my favorites!

Thea said...

Your quilts are beautiful!