Monday, January 10, 2011

Noe's 'Guy's Quilt'

This is my buddy Noe, he is a great guy. One of the most honest, generous and kind people I have ever met. I 'adopted' him as family a few years ago. He hates me because I make him public! {evil laughter} He came to visit us a while back and like everyone that comes in my house was subjected to hanging out in my studio while I worked. He found a quilt in my twosey-foursey quilt book.  I think he was half joking when he said 'you could make me this one' (I don't think he thought I would actually do it).  Honestly, I haven't made any of those quilts yet but he found one in there that was as he put it 'not so girly'. The truly hard part about making it was finding the animal print fabrics that went into it. I looked for months and couldn't find any I liked. One day, I wandered into Marti's looking for something else and found ALL these great fabrics...even the 'solid' black has zebra stripes on it. It was PERFECT, of course I didn't have the pattern with me so I guessed on how much fabric I would need and ended up buying twice as much as what I needed to make it. Might have to make another one with the left overs. ;) Then I put brown short-napped fur on the back to give it the full-on 'bachelor pad' vibe. The quilting is just an all over swirled pattern but with this great touble stranded thread that has one white strand and one black strand twisted together, it lookes like the thread disappears but there are small white flecks that show was a hassle to quilt with but I do have to say it looks awesome! ;)

I also found some a leopard panel and whipped up a pillow to go with...

 Another one ready to get on the plane:

He seems to be taking this 'guy thing' seriously. ;)
I will beat you TO DEATH if you get cheesy dust on it!


The Piddingtons said...

This very very cool!

ytzgirl said...

Love this one!! It's gorgeous!

Diane E W said...

Love this one, too.