Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tianna's Quilt

 I had been quilting for about 4 years when I moved to North Carolina. I left MANY very special people whom I miss very much. Not the least of these is my 'sister' T. She came to visit me less than I year after I moved. She  pointed out that I had not yet made her a quilt. I was like 'D'uh'...I would have loved to whip her up something great right then and there. However, I was BROKE! So I made her a deal that if she bought the fabric, I would make her anything she wanted. So I handed her a stack of books and said 'pick something out and then we will go shopping'! She picked out this pattern that was a beautiful blend of blues and browns, very subdued. And we blew that up, with the brightest colors we could find. I loved that this pattern because it has the french braid pattern in the borders, that is one of my favorite details. I wish I had more close up pics of the details on this quilt, but alas I do not. I do however have a picture of Tianna with her quilt...isn't she beautiful? This is a pic of her kickin it on my couch with it.
And yes, I did make her come visit again so she could have it. ;)


The Piddingtons said...

I will come visit you when you get done with my quilt too!! :-)

Elizabeth said...

That is so pretty. I love the colors and the braids on the borders are just awesome. You do such nice work.

xo -El