Saturday, January 29, 2011

Trivets and Baby Blankets



A super cute shoe

 I have been making things to put in the booth at Iron Horse Station in Hot Springs, NC. I haven't been blogging about these little things because I didn't consider it 'conversation worthy'. However, since I have decided to play along with Elizabeth's 2011 Finish Challenge you will be subject to seeing all my little stuff so I can add to my 'count' and not let Lizzie look too good! ;) So, here are the things I made to add to my January finishes. First are one of my new favorite things to make...Trivets, I am missing a picture of one of them  because I decided to give it to my Grandma on my trip to Vegas a few weeks ago.

When My oldest son was born I stayed with perfect strangers in Southern California for a couple of weeks until I was heathy enough to stay on my own (a VERY long story for another time). The mom of that family made him this wonderful blanket with satin on one side and flannel on the other. It was very simple, just wrapped around and stiched down. When my daughter was born a year later, she sent one for her in the mail. My kids LOVED these blankets. I started making them for new babies in my life soon after. Kids just love them. So I decided to see what they would be like quilted. I have made a few but these are the first ones that I have taken pictues of (we have already discussed my failure to document things, let it go).


Elizabeth said...

I love a little healthy competition ;). Those trivets are adorable and I LOVE the satin and flannel blankets. The sun & stars quilting motif is amazing. Beautiful job & congrats on all these fine finishes!

xo -El

Mary-Frances said...

Great trivets, so cute! Those baby blankets are sweet, your quilting is amazing!