Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Kid's Quilts

I posted already about Aubrey's quilt but didn't do any on the other 4 monkey's quilts. The reason for this was not only to show favoritism but also to show my lack of documenting skills. I simply didn't take pictures of the other ones when I made them. Hers was the last one I finished and had then started using my camera. So, here goes, starting with the first one...Jaydin and Jordan have matching quilts, I started quilting when Squish was brand new so the boys got the exact same quilt, using this pattern.

I had started decorating their room to be very pirate/beachy like. The walls were this amazing sort of caribbean blue with sandy beaches along the bottom. Their bed looks like a sail boat and there were 'hula skirt' curtains. It was a lot of fun to decorate and it was the room I missed most when I sold that house. Anyway, I had the hardest time finding surfer type fabrics, I looked at every quilt shop in Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and even online. And found very little. Then I went to the Outter Banks to visit my cousins. There was this great little LQS called Funtastic Fabrics and I tried to go there every time I would visit. (They have closed their storefront now and just have an online store). Since they are a store on the beach, I had TONS of fabrics to choose from. I had decided to make Jay a quilt but {unintentionally} got enough to make 2, that is how they ended up with matching queen size bed quilts. I put different borders and backing fabrics on them but the centers are identical.
My favorite part about making these quilts was when I was trying to pic the backing for Squish's quilt. I took him to my favorite neighborhood shop. He was about 14 months old, big enough to walk but not perfrectly. I told him I was looking for fabric for him and asked him to help me find something he liked. This would be a ridiculous conversation to have with most toddlers (that is if you don't know Squish). He walked straight past about 50 bolts and picked up the PERFECT thing. It was bright orange with fish on it. He didn't even look at anything else, just grabbed it, put it on the floor and sat on it! I was busy looking at what I thought would work and foolishly thought I would know better than him. I knew he had 'staked his claim' but didn't pay that much attention. So he finally says 'Mamma, dis one!'. That was officially it, plus there was just enough on the bolt so it truly was kismet!

Next is Isabel's quilt. I started making this before 'the man' and I were even dating. She loves anything colorful! In fact more often than not I have to edit her morning outfit so she doesn't so closely resemble Punky Brewster. So I found a pretty simple pattern and then headed off to shop. I got every bright hippie looking fabric I could find. I got just about that far and then got a 'boyfriend' and well, that sucked up all my crafty time. So I didn't actually get around to sewing on this quilt until AFTER we got married. So Isabel  helped me lay out the blocks before we sewed them together. The thing I don't like about this quilt is that I ended using it to test out the new set up on my long arm after it was moved here. So there are a few tension problems but nothing too crazy. 

Then there is Damian's quilt. I couldn't decide what to do for his. I hadn't really spent enough time with him to see what he really loved when I started it. I  did KNOW for a fact that cars would be a safe bet. I had most of this fabric in my stash because I had planned to make a lap quilt to take to the race track years ago.  So I kind of just figured out my own pattern for it and it came up with this:

And as thought this quilt was blinding enough, I put black and white harlequin diamonds on the back and quilted it with lime green thread and this great flame pattern...I think he likes it.

So that is PART of the quilts that lay around out house. I may get up the gumption to document the rest.

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Mary-Frances said...

Great quilts Angie - lucky kids to have such a talented Mom!