Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wall Hanging

I bought this pattern YEARS ago from a little store in Salt Lake City, Utah. The designer has really cute stuff and I bought a couple of them. I started the next one but have no idea when it will be done.  So I carried this one around with me for a few weeks and mostly worked on it during quilt guild meetings and such.

My first attempt at a border print was an epic fail, it stayed attached just long enough to take a picture as a lesson on what NOT to do and then I attacked it with a seam ripper! Look how terrible the mitering lines up. YUCK!!

As of now it is hanging in the living room as a reminder to us each day to temper what we speak and to "let your utterance be always with graciousness, seasoned with salt, so as to know how you ought to give an answer to each one." Colossians 4:6


Rocknquilts said...

Well put, well put!

Cheryll said...

The butterfly fabric is fantastic on it too! Nice words to read every day! :)

Bev C said...

What a lovely saying,it would certainly make people stop and think before they speak.
Happy days.

Elizabeth said...

Love it! That is such a sweet bit of embroidery -- you do beautiful work! And what a great reminder to see every day! Nicely done!

xo -El

Iris said...

Love it! Good call on that border. :)

Myra said...

Lovely! Love that butterfly fabric! 8-)