Sunday, March 20, 2011

President's Quilt Block

As you all know I am a member of the Asheville Quilt Guild. Like many other guild, I'm sure, we make a block each year for the out-going President. These are the instructions we were given:

Presidents Block
"Last Years President"
It should be 6 inches finished, 6 ½ inches unfinished.
The background should read as cream or light
Use autumn colors when constructing the star.
When the block is turned in, please include a 6
inch square of the background color and 6 inch
square of star fabric color. This will be used in the
border. Include with the star the name of the star
(many stars have several names). On one of the
background corners, please write the maker’s

So, I busted out a list of paper pieced patterns I have been looking for an excuse to use and picked this one. I also saved out some of the Autumn-y scraps from the pinwheel blocks I was cutting up at the time.

I hope she likes it. Her quilts tend to be a little on the 'funkier' side of things so I hope it will work.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh, that star is really cool! I love how the center makes another star. I'll bet she loves it.

xo -El