Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday Night Sew In

Well, another FNSI has passed and lucky for me I got quite a bit accomplished. This being greatly accredited to the fact that 'the man' bought a new truck yesterday. That meant that he and his friend had to drive about and hour and a half out of town to go and pick it up. By the time he got off of work, drove down there, did all the paperwork, ate dinner and drove back, I got to sew until about 10:30 mostly undisturbed. The kids had heated up left over spaghetti and I skipped dinner. Which now that I think about the fact that I had a nice glass {or 3} of Pinot Grigio while I was working may not have been the best idea. Anywho...I started on this quilt....

I got the pattern in the mail for one of those 'please subscribe to our magazine' sort of deals. It was cute and easy and I am trying very hard to use up my scraps. I am happy to say that I will be able to make this whole quilt with nothing but what is already in my stash/scrap bucket. And you know what they say, it takes just as much time to make 2 as to make one so....280 half square triangles, I guess I can handle that.

So I added a glass of white wine and the third season of Big Bang Theory and set to sewing. I walked the two big boys through the steps of heating up spaghetti so they tore up the kitchen and made food for themselves then watched a movie. The Man was gone for the evening-more about that later.  So, this is what I started out with:

I already had the triangles cut and a 'test block' made. One glass of wine and the seams for the HSTs down, I should have taken a break to eat something too but I was on a roll. Second glass of wine and got them all trimmed and pressed. The Warning on the back of the box bottle of wine that covers drinking while pregnant should also include something about rotary cutters I'm sure.  Finished the last disk of BBT and moved on to Eclipse, hubby is still not home and I was still cooking with gas. So, even with intermittent 'drooling breaks' I got all 280 squares made, {most of them} pressed and trimmed and ended up with a total of 42 out of 70 finished pinwheel blocks. I think that is good progress. I should be able to finish up the rest of them this weekend.

The Man got home about 10:00 with his new truck. He was totally excited and testosterone driven. He FINALLY got a new truck. He has been driving a very loyal, albeit decrepit, little GMC Sonoma truck for the last 5 years. Someone GAVE it to him that long ago because it was worth more to write it off then to sell it. He figured it would last him a year or so and he would get something else. That little thing has worked itself to death for him for all those years now. It's a good little boy. However, the Man started working a second part time job last year that requires him to pull a small trailer with some equipment on it up and down these mountain roads and well, the little boy just couldn't keep up and he was started to revolt. It was just time to retire him. So reluctantly, I gave up the notion of using our tax return money on a new sewing machine and we used it for a down payment on a 05 Ford Ranger. It goes against ALL of my childhood conditioning to be the owner of a Ford anything but it was the best we could get for a low payment. Since we are all about living simply and trying very had to be totally out of debit [with the exception of a house payment and ONE car payment] in two years, we both had to suck it up and buy a Ford. It is not a bad vehicle, looks like it was taken care of pretty well, it's 5-speed and 4 wheel drive so it should be much easier for the Man to get his jobs done now. Plus, considering that my hubby is not exactly a small guy, he looks much less rediculous driving this than being creammed into that tiny little truck he had before, he would look even more normal driving a full size truck but that will have to be the next step. So I have stopped pouting about the fact that I still have to argue everyday with my 'make do' sewing machine.

Anyway, he got home about 10 but still had to take his friend home who went with him to pick it up so that gave me another half hour to clean up and shut everything down, plus he brought be me left over pizza, which was a good thing because I was then onto my third glass of wine and well, that doesn't make for good quilting.

Yummy stuff!

So, he finally got home around 11:00 and had, well, other ideas about the end of the night besides looking at my blocks so he had to see them this morning. ;)

So, I think it was a rather successful Friday Night Sew In, can't wait for the next one!


Elizabeth said...

Wow! You make really great progress on the quilt! I LOVE pinwheels. LOVE them and that quilt is going to be amazing!

Good for you about the truck. Sorry about it being a Ford. I'm totally with you on that. But nice that things worked out well financially.

xo -El

Shay said...

I think the wine actually gave you Super Sewing Powers!

Your progress in one night astounds me. My one experience with HST's has been a bit disastrous (hated the finished quilt) but Im planning a comeback. I seriously doubt I'll fly through it like you have though!

Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out Angie!

Karen said...

Wow, you really made progress! It's looking great. Congrats on a great FNSI!

Ann Marie said...

What a power sewing evening you had (check the last block on the right it looks backwards) and congrats on the new to you truck. I have a truck, and Ford at that. I bought my F350 new, and absolutely love it, it is the most comfortable vehicle ever! Especially for such a huge truck, it is my daily driver, (when I am not on my motorcycle) and I am glad it is alllll mine too. You will enjoy your truck, trust me I use to be a Chevy girl, but Chevy trucks suck.

Anonymous said...

If that's what a couple of glasses of wine does for a person's productivity, I think I may have to get a bottle of wine for next month's FNSI. WOW, you really got a lot done.

And congratulations on the new truck, we're saving up for a new to us truck too. Hubby's been driving his 97 Ford Ranger since 2004 and he's put an awful lot of miles on it in that time.

Comfort Cove Designs said...

My man just bought a new car last Friday. We now have a new 2011 Hyundai Tuscan. It is a really nice car and much easier to get an almost 11 month old boy in and out of the car than his old two door Accent he had. So much more room for all the baby's stuff. Trevor wanted to spend all last weekend going for drives in the new car!!! While he was gone to get paper work done, I too got to do a bit of sewing.

Looks like you had a very productive FNSI!!!

Quiltingly Yours