Sunday, March 20, 2011

Casserole Hot Pad Swap

I signed up for Cheryll's Hot Pad Exchange last week. I got my exchange buddy's name and address emailed to me on Tuesday and immediately started spying on my assigned friends blog. It turns out she likes chickens as much as me and cultivates her own little egg factories too. I happened to be heading to my favorite LQS that very day. I had totally forgotten that they were having a sale even (bonus!). I have a list of fabric styles I am currently looking for, there is literally a list in my purse right now.  That is all that was on my mind when I headed out but when I got there and remembered that not only is everything in the store 20% off but the items on the sale table were up to 75% off! Happy dance ensues! Sadly, I didn't find most of what was on my list. They are funky things like soccer ball prints and things with baby ducks on them. I did find some butterfly fabric that will work nicely. I had a point, what was it? Oh yeah, I found CHICKEN fabric on the 75% off sale table, yards and yards of it! Since I have a few friends that are also clucking enthusiasts, I bought everything they had. Once it was all washed up and ready to use, I set to making my hot pads.  I pulled out my batik stash, since I do most of my paper piecing with it, and my stack of wonderful patterns designed by my buddy Cat. Cat is a chicken (well, she calls them Chooks) lover too so her patterns are super cute! I chose the 'rooster' and the 'hen with chick' pattern. Once they were shrunk down to 5 inch blocks, I started sewing. Once again the idea that 'it takes just as long to make 2 as 1' came into my head and within the afternoon, this is what I had:

Chicken Wire Binding

Stripy Binding


Cutest Fabric EVER!

All ready to go in the mail.

I hope my swap buddy puts LOTS of hot and yummy food on it! Now to decide what to do with the other one....


Elizabeth said...

Oh, Angie! What fun, fun hot pads! I noticed the stripey binding right off and loved it! I also loved the fabrics you used in the chickens. So fun! Those border prints are awesome! What a great swap! You have a lucky partner.

xo -El

Anonymous said...

what a lovely swap ,i havent received mine yet dont know what has happened,you did a lovely job of yours and you put in a lot of time and thought ,lucky partner.