Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Once I make something that is cute and easy and decide that I like it, I can't make just one. I made one of these little card wallets for secret gift exchange that I do with my quilting buddies each year. I can't show you the first one because she hasn't gotten it yet and I don't want to blow the surprise. But I can show you the other 6 I made...

One of my customers spotted them on the table waiting for the snaps to be added, so I only have 5 left. Add 6 more to my February finishes. ;)


Elizabeth said...

Angie, those are SO, SO cute! I love the goldfish fabric. SO fun! And the turquoise and green 'heart' fabric is awesome. Love the purple combinations too. Those are really great! Too bad I'm not your swap buddy.

xo -El

Kelly Pidd said...

super cute! - I think I might have 1 or 2 or those in silver maybe?

Shay said...

So cute !

These would be terrific to chuck in your bag for all sorts of things. My bag tends to be full of lip glosses, manky tissues and I dont know what else.

Fantastic finishes!