Saturday, February 26, 2011

Boy's School Raffle Quilt

I have five children in the public school system, all in elementary school. That statement alone is knee jerking enough. It conjures up phrases like snow day, school lunch, bus driver, field trip, picture day and summer break to name a few. But the most disturbing phrase to the mom of school aged raiser. I get the full body shivers when my kids bring home those giant envelopes with the photos of all the fabulous prizes they could win and the kids are all hoped up on the MLM selling vibe. Imagine that feeling you get times FIVE! Plus they all go to the same 2 schools so they all rep the same stuff at the same time. I can't buy 5 buckets of cookie dough for $20 a pop! I am more than stocked up on gift wrapping supplies and I can only use ONE Entertainment book. I will say that I am the 'coupon queen' so I do break down and buy one of those each year but don't tell which kid I get it from so as to not start a revolt. All that being said, I do understand that the schools NEED the funds and there are many parents who work very hard to raise said funds. I always donate $$ directly to the school each year {I am sure more than they would get from my kids selling any products}.  My kids are all in elementary school but go to 2 different schools. The three youngest children go to a school that offers Kindergarten through fourth grade and my 2 older boys go to a school that offers fifth and sixth grade. Last year I made a quilt for the younger kids school to be part of a raffle event for their Fall Festival. They could have easily used it as it's own drawing but instead folded it up and added it to a basket with other items. I am sure the people buying tickets had no idea there was even a quilt in there so I hope someone appreciated it. Since I did the quilt for that school last year, I offered to make one for the boy's school this year.

When I started this quilt I was on a 'fabric diet'. I hadn't planned on using it as a fund raising quilt, just wanted to make something using fabrics I already had. 'The Man' picked out the pattern (which I changed quite a bit) as well as the fabrics. I had to purchase the light colored background and the border fabric but the rest I had in my stash.

The center blocks have 2 patterns that alternate and the sashing is accent quilted. The border (isn't that border fabric tasty) has oak leaves and acorns quilted in it. I was trying to keep the fall feeling going.

I named the quilt 'Fall at North Windy Ridge'. I hope that it finds it's way to a good home where someone will love it as much as I loved making it.

If you would like information about purchasing a raffle ticket, let me know I am sure I can get my hands on some, oh wait, the boys will no doubt be bringing that 'big envelope' home for this one. ;)


Cindy said...

I love this pattern....heading over to see if I can get it too. You chose your fabrics perfectly. I'd love to get some of that same border fabric! Yumm

Elizabeth said...

First, I can't believe they just stashed the quilt you donated last year in a basket. Brother.

Second, this quilt is absolutely amazing. I think the quilting in it is one of my favorites you've done. So beautiful!

xo -El

P. said...

I love that quilt!

Erika S said...

You are an awesome mom. You do WAY more than I would and so far, only one of mine is in school!! I only clip box tops!! :D It's gorgeous!!

Myra said...

The quilt is gorgeous Angie! Love it! It will surely bring in good funds for the school!!! 8-)