Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Myra's PhD Challenge

My quilting buddy Elizabeth posted that she was going to start an online blog challenge to finish some 'PhDs' this coming year. For those of you not current on quilt speak that stands for 'Prjoects half Done', but it sounds very prestigious when you say "I am currently working on my PhD" and so you sound smart or at least educated. ;)  Anyway, I am not sure if she has been a good influence on me (as in motivation to finish things you have started) or a bad one (as in here is one more thing that I expect you to finish). I told her just that, than quickly when on over to Myra's blog and signed up. So, in theory, sometime in the next 6 months I should have (at least) 3 quilts to post here.  This is what I posted on the PhD site, and therefore what I have committed to, cross your fingers:

Meet Me in Paris

I bought this kit when I was still a new quilter. I thought it would be cute on my daughter's bed. The designer was demonstrating the quilt at a show years ago and I thought 'she makes that look so easy, I can do that!". Well it turns out, I could NOT do that...then. Now, I can do that. :D I found it in a box when I was organizing a while back. See, I am one of those people who thinks that if at first you don't succeed, erase all proof you ever tried. This mind set has been less than helpful with more than one quilting project. I will start something and get frustrated with it, throw it in a box and walk away to something else. As I get more skills, I have been going back and trying to finish some of those things I put up years ago. I pulled this out a while back and realized this real is not too hard and started finishing it, then the busy season started and I haven't finished much of anything that wasn't for someone else's in MONTHS. This WILL get done with this challenge.


Another thing I got YEARS ago was this pattern and panel. It is another project I got soon after starting to quilt. I think it was the first panel I purchased and then couldn't figure out what to do with it since I didn't get any of the coordinating fabrics, so it also went in to a box as 'I don't know'. I found a few fat quarters that worked and still didn't do anything with it. My daughter's teacher is having a baby in March so I thought this would be a great baby quilt for her so I sucked it up and headed off to a fabric sale to get the background fabrics. I still don't know how I feel about the green that I chose but I am pushing through it...

Silk Wall Hanging

My favorite restaurant in town happens to be owned by a guy I used to work with and his wife. It is a fabulous indian food place....soooooooo good! Anyway, when it first opened I told the owner I would make something quilted to put on the wall, went out and bought silk fabric in very 'sari' type colors. Great shades! I discovered that silk is a pain to work with!! So guess what, into the box it went! I didn't have a pattern, pretty much just make a bunch of half square triangles and then gave up. lol So this one will be fun, but I WILL finish it!

See how beautiful the colors are?

And what a hassle it is?

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Elizabeth said...

Nothing like a little peer pressure. You're projects are gorgeous!

xo -El