Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rick and Trina's Anniversary Quilt

This is my cousin Rick and his GORGEOUS wife Katrina.  They are 2 of my most favoritest people in the whole wide world!

They have been locked in a blissful marriage for going on 18 years.

This is what they looked like on the day they committed to keep each other for good.

The look like Ken and Barbie don't they?  As beautiful as they are, it kind of makes you want to dress them up and build them a dream house and buy then an ugly pink car doesn't it?  The great part is, they still look at each other like this all the time...it makes me very happy!

Here are a few examples of the things that this experiment is joy has produced:

They make good looking new people too don't they?

Anyway, I decided that since it had been a while since I had done something to celebrate them and their marriage  it was time to make them a quilt, I mean they earned it didn't they?  Let me preface this with saying, I wouldn't make a quilt like this for just anyone...this one had a lot of work in it!  Not so much the piecing but the quilting is some of my favorite work yet.

When Lee over at freshly pieced started this great quilt along I knew it was for me.  Once I started picking out the fabrics for it, I knew it would be the one for them.  See, Trina is one of those people that literally brings color into a room. Not in the 'she dresses like a clown' kind of way, but in the 'here comes the sun' kind of way.  Rick is great too but more in a wonder-nerd kind of way, and everyone knows how I love a good nerd!  So the combinations of bright happy colors mixed with the 'Supernova' pattern was perfect!

So, here goes, pictures of the finished quilt:

I told you it was colorful.

And that great, rainbow colored freaky fabric is the borders, backing and binding! I just love the stuff but if you look at it too long, I think it might induce seizures.  I had picked that little jewel up off the clearance table at ACC a few years back with NO idea where it was going to live but I just knew I had to have it!  I am so happy that this is the forever home it found.  I also pray that these two wonderful people have many years of happy dreams while lying under it!

Happy Anniversary! I love you both very much!


Elizabeth said...

I agree -- one of your best quilts yet. I l.o.v.e the quilting, especially in the white and those fancy schmancy peacock feathers you've got going on in the border.

Also, 18 years is a huge achievement and your cousin and his wife make a beautiful couple. Congrats to them.

xo -E

P.S. how did you do your label?

Kelly Pidd said...

Angie - I second everything you wrote about those 2 people. They are my most favoritist in the whole wide world as well. Their quilt is gorgeous!

Katrina Cobb said...

Angie, the tears are still flowing... and I can't stop laughing at "she dresses like a clown" and "wonder nerd". I do feel like a clown sometimes, as I sit here writing this in my onsie footie p.j.'s with lips all over them. :D The words you wrote were just as beautiful and touched my heart as much as the amazingly beautiful quilt. We can't even tell you how much it means and how special it was to receive such a work of "heART", that I KNOW had so much time and thought put into it. I can't help but go back to the time your love of quilting all began whenever I look at our quilt. Such great memories! I see how our friendship grew within the stitches, and how very special you are to us. Even though we don't get to see each other as often as we would like, we love that we have a little piece of you with us everyday. We love you soooooooo much!!!!!