Monday, June 25, 2012

Don & Liz's Quilt

This was a fun one to make. About a year ago I found the pattern in one magazine or another (don't really remember which one).
Aren't they cute?

We had spent a fun weekend at their house last summer after not seeing them for many years. It was great to remember how much I love them both. Even though they are friends they really are family {in a rather twisted way}.  I have a list of people in my life that 'need quilts' and once we had found out that we would be visiting their house, I added them to my list. So even before I got to see them, I started pulling out fabrics for this quilt.  I thought Liz would like something sort of traditional but still bright and know like me! ;)  Since I am a batik hound I didn't have to go far...I have to say this was a pretty fun to put together.

I have been trying to work in pieced backing lately.  Since I had bits of the triangle pieces leftover from the front, I found a somewhat strange way to put them together for a strip on the back. I was hoping there would be more of the green showing once it was quilted but it didn't work out that way...oh well. I think it still worked out well.

I know, I know, that is A LOT of colors.

Jazz Approved

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