Friday, July 29, 2011

Mrs. Williams' Duck Wallhanging

Mrs. Williams is 'Mama Duck'

This is Mrs. Williams, she is the other half of my Boy's dynamic duo teacher team.  In fact, she calls Mr. Tracey her 'work husband' and they are really like school parents. They are a true team.  I am pretty sure she has been D's favorite teacher, she on more than one occasion showed how much she cares for him. She calls herself the Mama Duck for a number of reasons one of them is that when she walks down the hallway, all her duckings follow behind her.

So it was easy for the boys to choose a theme for her quilt. They didn't know what to do, just so long as it had a duck on it.  I found a greeting card pattern online for a duck and then added the feet. Using scraps of fabric in shades of blue, I made a scrappy background. I couldn't decide if I wanted the duck to be fluffy or not, I tried it with batting under the yellow fabric to make it look more like a stuffed animal but I wasn't really feeling that look. So we just stuck with a bright shade of yellow and orange minkie. My original plan was to use blue dotted minkie in the border but I didn't really like that either.  I ended up carrying the middle around in the car with me for like a week until I could walk into a fabric store and find borders I like.  I happened to be in Black Mountain and stopped in to see Marti. I just love her shop and I wish I was in the area more often so I could have an excuse to fondle fabric in her store. Anyway...these are the borders we came up with:

The quilting goes like this.  The patchwork center has duck feet.
The duck is blanket stitched by hand.
There is a black filigree bead for the eye.
The outer border has rubber duckies (think Ernie) and daisies in the corners.

I think she liked it. I have my fingers crosses (as well as emails in to the principal) that my Daughter gets these two as teachers next year. ;)


Elizabeth said...

Those colors are so pretty together. I love the sweet minkee duck. What a thoughtful gift! You are awesome!

xo -E

Iris said...

what a great mom! I'm sure she loved it! it's so nice when parents show appreciation like this.