Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mrs. Herron's Bag

 Mrs. Herron's Beach Bag

Isabel decided early in the year that her teacher needed one of the big Hobo Bags I make. I tried to take her to pick out fabric but as most of you know, it is almost impossible for me to go anywhere when the kids are out of school because I have too many kids to fit in the car. lol Then came the project of deciding how it was going to come together.

It went something like this:
'What color should we make?"
As is her usual answer to any question that involves the word 'color' she instantly said "PINK" !
"What kind of things does your teacher like?"
"Butterflies and Flowers...oh and it has to have green in it too, she loooooves green."

 So I had my parameters to figure this out. I made a list of fabrics I needed for all the teachers quilts. Yes, I had this same conversation with the other 4 too. While I happened to be at my favorite LQS I found a pre-cut bundle of these great funky fabrics, it had flowers and butterflies with just a hint of green in it. I usually enjoy the 'hunt' of picking fabrics too much to buy already bundled stuff but this was too perfect not to pick up.  So I had half yard cuts and only needed fat quarters and as is my usual style, I made 2. ;)  So I did happen to be at the fabric store WITH the shorty one and she found the lining fabric.

When she gave it to her at the end of the school year, Mrs. Herron says "I was just saying this morning that I need a beach bag!" She hope that she manages to get LOTS of sand in it over the years!

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Shay said...

You're so thoughtful to make a teacher gift. I bet Mrs. Herron loved it and gets stacks of use out of it!

It's a beautiful bag.