Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mended Hearts

As most of you already know we are a blended family. I had three children and my husband had two children when we got married two years ago. I started this quilt before we got married...two years later the top is done. Maybe for our 5th Anniversary, he will get the gift I intended to be a wedding present. (D'oh)

Anyway, I started with this Mended Hearts pattern that I got from the quilt show in Henderson Nevada, years before I even met him. I thought it was a great idea as a gift to make for someone else, I never thought it would be applying to me.

I thought it to be quite appropriate for out situation as we not only fill a hole left in each other's hearts but we feel a sense of completion with each other. But since there are 5 other little people in this relationship, I felt they needed to be represented also. So I added little hearts to show them as part of the completion. Since 'the man' is represented in dark green, I thought the boys should be depicted with varying shades of green. Likewise, since I was represented with dark pinks, the the girls are pictured with little pink hearts. I used a white on white rose printed background that I have had forever, I think it was one of the first fabrics I bought when I started quilting and then realized that using white is really not all that common. The pattern was also missing something for me in the design so I altered that just a little.


Instead of having the hearts alternate sides, I kept them all on the same side, then on the mended hearts at the bottom, I filled them in. I have been trying to decide on borders. I am not sure if I am going to do a pink border with a green border sort of hugging around it (showing his protective nature) or if I will do the border sort of log cabin style with pink on one side and green on the other.

Inner Borders

I also picked out a fabric to use as a border when I originally bought all of the fabrics two years ago. As things go, I am not really feeling it anymore. I had picked it because it had a fairly balanced blend of both the pink and green, but now it feels sort of old fashioned to me and I just don't know about it anymore. What you think?

Outer Border

Maybe if I do a slim border it won't be so 'tea party'...I don't know.


Opted to skip the outer border and just use the floral print for the binding. I didn't have enough to use as backing so I used the same white as the background. The original pattern has very minimal hand quilting on it. I also did very little quilting on this one. Here it is...the first {hopefully of many} quilted wall hangings in our house.
He liked it by the way. ;)


Elizabeth said...

I think that the large floral might look nice as the binding and/or back. I like the idea of a narrow pink border and then a wider green border, with just two borders total.

I love the hearts, especially that you added one for each of the kids and the background fabric is really pretty.

Can't wait to see how is come out.

xo -El

The Piddingtons said...

I love the two borders going around because of what it represents (his protective nature). I'm not loving the "tea party" fabric (and I can say that because I'm related to you). I agree it does look old fashioned paired with the fabulous main design. I'm not sure they "match" and that wouldn't be appropriate because you guys DO "match". Get it? Muah! Love you!

The Piddingtons said...

So I was telling the story about this quilt to a good friend of mine the other day and actually started crying as I'm telling the story! Sheesh!