Monday, April 5, 2010

50th Anniversary Quilt

Jerry and Ellie Green
This was a group effort by about a half a dozen sisters in our hall. The idea was suggested to have an anniversary party for them and to make them a gift. So of course the next step was 'can we put pictures on a quilt', well of course you can! So Debbie was stealth enough to get some pictures of both of them as a child and a wedding picture. She already had a picture of them taken a few months ago so that was handy. Debbie is our congregation's 'memory keeper' so she has pictures of everybody. ;) So we spent a Friday evening and set up a assembly line. I playing foreman and did the planning. Jess and Debbie did the cutting, Aunt Peg did the pinning, Cindy did the sewing...DJ brought the pizza. By the end of the first evening we had the blocks put together. Cindy came back over a few days later and we put the blocks together and added the borders. It took me an entire day to do the quilting on it because it was very detailed. Full custom and attaching the binding. I was hoping to get it all done a few days before the party but alas, I was up until midnight stitching the binding and then I added the label and threw it into the washer before I left for the meeting on Sunday morning. When I got home from the meeting, I dried and wrapped it while backing a cake to take to the gathering. Overall, I think that for a bunch of 'non-quilters' it came out great...and I think they really liked it which is always a bonus!


Martie said...

What a great gift! And all that effort :) They probably treasure it

Cindy said...

I actually think I like the "alteration" we accidentally made to the one I made by the pattern....I like it well enough I might make another one just like the Greene's pattern! NOW that I know how to make half square triangles better! lol